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New PSP Hack Lets You Use Old Firmware

The PSP hacking legend Dark_Alex has just released an awesome hack called The Time Machine. This hack will allow your PSP to load previous and custom firmware from the Memory Stick, as well as software that isn’t supported anymore.

Go ahead and help Dark_Alex by Digging this.

Currently the timemachine can install the following firmwares:

– Original 1.50 (can only be loaded on the phat)
– 1.50 with some 3.40 hw modules. Can be loaded on both, phat and slim.
– 3.40 OE (can only be loaded on phat)
– 3.60 M33 (can only be loaded on slim)

Rest of cfw will be added in the future.

Requeriments of time machine:

– The timemachine itself doesn’t require any firmware, only a pandora battery.
Timemachine nand boot in slim, requires, however, 3.90 M33-2 or greater.
– The timemachine installer requires 2.71 SE or higher.

Instructions: Copy the TIMEMACHINE folder to /PSP/GAME and run.

All firmwares can be installed on whatever PSP (slim or phat), but they can only be used
in the psp indicated in the option.

Via DCEmu