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Final Fantasy XIII Could See 2008 Release

Suzaku avatar Suzaku / 17th February 2008 /
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In an interview with Nikkeibp.co.jp, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wara stated that Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Quest IX will be released in the same fiscal year, if possible.

Dragon Quest IX, originally slated for a 2007 release, was delayed to 2008 by Square to further improve and polish the game. This means there is a possibility Final Fantasy XIII could see a late-2008 or early 2009 release.

Wada did not mention which region this concerns, but it’s almost definitely Japan.

Below is a translation of the interview.

Interviewer“What are the possibilities that Dragon Quest IX and FFXIII will be released in the same fiscal year? If that happened, then the sales from the fiscal year compared to before and after would be greater, and stock prices, etc., would be affected, too, wouldn’t they?”

Yoichi Wada“Certainly, if these two titles are released at the same time, one would expect sales to go up, but I’m not sure that that would affect stock prices, because the business is a continuous one. It would be a strange thing if stock prices were moved depending on whether large titles were released on the 31st of March or the 1st of April, wouldn’t it?

I think that it is necessary to have a construction where the sales and profits do not fluctuate greatly from year to year. This is because inevitably, there is fluctuation within the home entertainment section of the game industry. In addition to home entertainment games, amusement and publication business is being strengthened, and those will serve as a support, as we are aiming for a solid business structure. As for Taito, within two years, the ordinary profit is projected to be ten billion yen.”

Source – FinalFantasy-XIII.net