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UK Software Charts (Feb 2008)

Shiron avatar Shiron / 26th February 2008 /
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The latest UK software charts are in, and as usual it’s dominated by Wii and DS titles, with a pair of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles to break it up a bit.

1. [WII] Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (Sega)
2. [NDS] Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games (Sega)
3. [NDS] Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training (Nintendo)
4. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo)
5. [WII] Game Party (Midway)
6. [PS3] Unreal Tournament III (Midway)
7. [NDS] Cooking Mama 2 (505 Games)
8. [360] Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
9. [NDS] More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima (Nintendo)
10. [NDS] Sight Training (Nintendo)


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11. [NDS] Professor Kageyama’s Maths Training (Nintendo)
12. [360] Turok (Disney Interactive Studios)
13. [WII] Carnival: Funfair Games (Take 2)
14. [360] Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision)
15. [PS3] Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision)
16. [NDS] New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
17. [NDS] 42 All-time Classics (Nintendo)
18. [PS3] Turok (Disney Interactive Studios)
19. [PS3] Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
20. [360] Fifa Street 3 (Electronic Arts)
21. [WII] Sonic And The Secret Rings (Sega)
22. [WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo)
23. [PS3] Burnout Paradise (Electronic Arts)
24. [WII] Pdc World Championship Darts 08 (Oxygen Interactive)
25. [360] Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft)
26. [PS3] Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft)
27. [PS3] Fifa Street 3 (Electronic Arts)
28. [WII] Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Nintendo)
29. [360] Burnout Paradise (Electronic Arts)
30. [NDS] Big Brain Academy (Nintendo)
31. [NDS] Cooking Mama (505 Games)
32. [NDS] Ratatouille (Thq)
33. [PS3] Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (Sony Computer Ent.)
34. [NDS] The Simpsons Game (Electronic Arts)
35. [PC] Football Manager 2008 (Sega)
36. [WII] Cooking Mama (505 Games)
37. [PS3] Conflict: Denied Ops (Eidos)
38. [NDS] Final Fantasy Xii: Revenant Wings (Square Enix Europe)
39. [NDS] Mario Kart Ds (Nintendo)
40. [NDS] Sonic Rush (Sega)