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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Website Goes Live

The official website for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker has gone live. It offers some new information about the monsters you’ll encounter in the game, plus exclusive downloadable content like wallpapers, podcasts, and more. Also, while you’re browsing the website you’ll be accompanied by some very nice music from the game.

Press release and more info below.

London (27th February 2008) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces that the official website for DRAGON QUEST® MONSTERS: Joker is now live. The content-packed site will let you discover more about the weird and wonderful monsters that inhabit the islands of Green Bays and also download exclusive content including wallpapers and podcasts. Best of all is an exciting web game that lets you to prove your monster hunting skills and also challenge friends with your monster collection – make sure you quest for the best as the winner of the game will win a trip to Japan for two! To join in the fun make sure to visit www.dragonquestmonstersjoker.co.uk

DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: Joker provides the ultimate monster-hunting challenge with over 200 marauding monsters to scout and battle. Train your team to be the best by mastering countless spells and abilities, and crush all who stand in your way. You can also synthesise amazing new monsters that can develop rare new abilities.

DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: Joker is not just about battling though. There’s a colourful 3D world full of treasures and surprises to explore. On your travels you’ll meet a cast of quirky characters that can help you make it to the top. There’s fun to be had in multiplayer and online use too. Challenge your friends and their monster teams with DS Wireless Communication, or compete against players from North America and PAL territories in the Wildcard World Cup, via the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection.

DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: Joker will be available across all PAL territories from 14th March 2008 exclusively on the Nintendo DS™ system.


Welcome to Green Bays, a cluster of mysterious islands that sparkle like jewels in the shimmering ocean! But travellers beware!
The islands are not as peaceful as they seem, for they teem with a multitude of monsters both great and small. Green Bays is also home to the famous Monster Scout Challenge. This renowned contest, held once every few years, determines who will be crowned the world’s greatest scout. The challenge is organised by the Monster Scout Organisation, whose headquarters are located on Domus Isle, which lies at the centre of the archipelago.
Now a new challenge is about to begin, and the crème de la crème of the scouting world are converging on the islands…
It is time for you to begin your quest to become the greatest monster scout in Green Bays, and in history!


  • Collect over 200 monsters to create the ultimate team
  • Train your monster squad to be the strongest by mastering countless spells, abilities, and more. The combinations are almost endless
  • Synthesise amazing new species of monsters that inherit the best abilities of their parents and perhaps some rare new skills tooBattle other teams of monsters to see who is the best
  • Explore a stunning 3D world filled with monsters, treasures and surprises. Graphics use the same techniques as seen in DRAGON QUEST: The Journey of the Cursed King®
  • Challenge friends and their monster teams via DS Wireless Communication
  • Compare your team and compete against players from North America and PAL territories in the Wildcard World Cup, available via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • The DRAGON QUEST “big three” – comprising series creator Yuji Horii, legendary manga artist Akira Toriyama, and renowned composer Koichi Sugiyama – come together once again to create an unforgettable gaming experience