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New Gears Of War 2 Information

John DiMaggio, the man who voices Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 2, has revealed a few hints regarding the game’s content – such as new weapons, characters, a Brumak fight, enemies and more.

DiMaggio told IGN Australia that he’s busy doing GoW2 at the moment, reprising his role as Marcus Fenix and another character named Franklin.

On Brumak:

“It’s badass. In fact, I saw some of the stuff yesterday! Which level was it? It was, well listen, there’s bigger beasts in this game. Bigger beasts. Remember the scene with the Brumak, when the Brumak comes out and we’re like ‘Brumak! Roll! Get outta there!’ and it’s coming after them – and they don’t have a fight with him? Well, they fight him now.”

More at IGN Australia.