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Japan Gets Bronze PlayStation Portable Lite

Starting in April this year, Sony will offer a brand new PlayStation Portable Value Pack in Japan, which will include a stylish-looking bronze PSP Lite with a 32MB Duo Memory Stick and an AV digital cable.

It’s not currently known if any import stores will sell this, but retail price is expected to be around 147€.

Sony Japan has announced a new color for the PSP ‘Mat Bronze’ and is codenamed PSPJ-20002. The PSP-2000 is already available in white, black, and silver. The bronze edition will go on sale in Japan on April 24 and will be available in limited quantities 60,000 to be precise. Exclusivity always commands a premium and the Bronze PSP will sell for 23,800 Yen ($ 230) whereas the normal PSP sells for 19,800 Yen ($ 190).

Thanks to LuxuryLaunches