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Noby Noby Boy PS3 Details

The Official PlayStation Magazine recently had an exclusive interview with Keita Takahashi – the creator of the upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive Noby Noby Boy.

The interview reveals that the gameplay mechanics are similar to Katamari, in that you manipulate the game in a unique and special way.

What is Noby Boy?

The central gameplay mechanics to Keita Takahashi’s newest game appear to be similar to Katamary. You manipulate the game in a unique way. In Katamary the manipulation involved snowballing junk through a level. In Noby Noby the central character is an elastic tube that can swallow farmyard animals, leap high in the air, and stretch its ends far out before snapping back together! It can jump 20 times its height.

The game is going to look like the more unique game and Katamary the more conventional one. When it comes to visual styles there really has been no intention to make the artwork similar. As more artwork is revealed people will see that.

The game will utilize the network capabilities extensively. Very cutesy game. He gave 4 random attendees at Gamecity (event) the controller to have at the game so 4 player MP, of sorts, is in. Seems like a co-op environment. He talks with confidence but can’t reveal his ambitious plans for the online component.

It uses complex physics that the PS2 could not handle with Katamary. As soon as he (Takahashi) saw the specs for the PS3 he realized it would be the ideal platform to play it on.

He speaks on his rep at the company as the “danger man”, he rather enjoys that. He goes on to say people really don’t understand his projects but Katamary proves he had something very unique in his creativity.

HIs take on violent games……

“I understand the need of violence ot a degree, and I won’t deny the fact that the world we live in is often a violent one. To recreate this violence in a videogame is something that I can understand to an extent; it is a recreation of one of the most striking things that can happen to people everyday.”

But, I do feel that an indulgence with violence in developing a game will limit the developers. So there is some space, there is some place for violent games, and I don’t think they all should be censored just for being violent. I just think that violence limits the developer’s ideas on how to grab an audience, and can quickly make a game look samey.”

On his bumpy career…..

“Being confident is a key aspect – believing in yourself. If you think you have a good idea nad i is rejected, keep on trying with it, keep on pushing it as far as it can go. No one will understand your putch in one day, so just keep showing them your ideas, showing your pictures and diagrams of what your idea is all about. And if you believe in the game, never take no for an answer!

Source – NeoGAF