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XBL Marketplace Update 10/3

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace has been updated with a fancy new Soul Calibur IV trailer and a Mass Effect downloadable content pack, which also gives you an extra 50 Gamescore points.


  • Alone in the Dark: Real World Rules Trailer 2
    Price: Free
  • Soul Calibur IV Trailer 3 – Featuring Yoda
    Price: Free


  • The Darkness MP_Haunt Multiplayer Map
    Price: Free
  • Mass Effect Expansion – Bring Down the Sky
    400 MS Points

“Bring Down the Sky includes a new uncharted world that introduces the Batarians: a notorious and feared alien race. A Batarian extremist group has hijacked a mobile asteroid station in the Asgard system, setting it on a collision course with the nearby colony world of Terra Nova.

Only Commander Shepard can save the millions of innocent civilians before the asteroid completes its deadly descent.”

Source: Console Monster