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Nyko Rumble PS3 Controller On Sale Now

Still waiting impatiently for the DualShock 3? Well, here’s some good news!

Accessory maker Nyko has unveiled the Zero PS3, a very awesome new PlayStation 3 controller with rumble support and sixaxis-like tilt functionality. It will go on sale this week, and you can purchase it directly from their website. More info below.

Experience innovation with the Zero wireless controller for PlayStation 3. The Zero controller is an entirely new ergonomic design, built to maximize comfort for all players while providing a unique and stylish appearance. With full six-direction tilt functionality and vibration support, the Zero is fully compatible with all PS3 software and control schemes.

The Zero is powered by an included NiMH rechargeable battery that provides up to 25 hours of wireless gameplay. When necessary, simply plug the included charging cable into the PS3s USB port and play and charge the controller simultaneously or use the included AA battery pack. The Zero is the first controller to feature LED back-lit action buttons, heat dissipating aluminum panels and a hybrid metal-resin design. The Zero is the paramount in controller precision, design and engineering.