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Weekly Famitsu info and scans (12/03/2008)

The latest information and scans from this week’s issue of Famitsu are now live, with details on Lost Planet: Colonies, The Tower DS, Tales of Vesperia, Soul Calibur IV, and more.

Next issue:

– DVD with a trailer of an unannounced game.


6666 Deca Sporta
8777 Armored Core For Answer (PS3)
8987 Army of Two
7878 Blazing Angels 2
6757 Spider Man 3
8888 Time Hollow
7878 Sakura Taisen
6777 Zoo Tycoon 2
5666 Rosario + Vampire
7878 Ninja Gaiden DS
8777 Need for Speed: Pro Street
8777 Echochrome
5646 Super Dodge Ball Brawlers
7778 Bangai-O Spirits
8988 Sim City DS2
6766 Dekotora Black
6656 Kekkaishi DS
6666 Evangelion @ Game
7767 Crayon Shin-Chan Arashi o Yobu Cinema Land
8879 Pokemon DS

· The Tower DS

Developer: Digitoys (Dejitoizu)
Game: The Tower DS
Console: Nintendo DS
Price: 4,800 yen

–Graphics are clear and very comfortable in operation
–Easy for beginning players
–Mario makes a small appearance

· True Fortune

Developer: Enterbrain
Game: True Fortune
Console: PS2
Price: 7,200 yen

–Produced by Sugiyama Ichiro of Your Kiss, with Kyara Deza of Mali Seeing doing the sound
–The protagonist can foresee everything accurately, this ability is called by a ‘true fortune card’, and the love the boy uses to succeed.
–150 or more of the events are portrayed using more than 60 visuals.

· Lost Planet: Colonies

Developer: Capcom
Game: Lost Planet: Colonies
Console: Xbox360/PC
Price: 6,290 yen

–90% of development is complete.
–New “Trial Battle Mode” and a “Score Attack Mode” for Campaign
–New character “female snow pirate”.
–Four new maps (poor translation): “Lost Arena”, “Area 921″, “City of Artillery”.
–Cross-platform play with PC and 360.
–Online features “AK Hunting” and “AK Egg Battle”
–Ten new weapons.

· Soul Calibur IV

Developer: Namco
Game: Soul Calibur IV
Console: Xbox360/PS3
Price: xxx

–Maxi seen for the first time.
–Scheherazade, a new character, is revealed. Elf ears, pink outfit, kind of bird-like and fighting with a thing sword.

· Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G

Developer: Capcom
Game: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
Console: Sony PSP
Price: xxx

–Game system improvements: Better buying/selling of items.
–Protective gear much more helpful.
–Shots from opening movie are seen.

· Valkyrie Chronicles

Developer: Sega
Game: Valkyrie Chronicles
Console: PlayStation 3
Price: xxx

· Warriors Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon Lord

Developer: Koei
Game: Warriors Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon Lord
Console: PlayStation 2
Price: xxx

· Tales of Vesperia

Developer: Namco Bandai
Game: Tales of Vesperia
Console: Xbox360
Price: xxx

– ToV uses the EFR-LMB battle system
– there can be twice as many enemies in a battle as Abyss (7-8 normal enemies)
– there will be huge enemies as well
– there’s also some sort of weapon synthesis system, you find materials and power up your weapons
– you won’t be able to play co-op over XBL
– and there won’t be items that are only distriburted through DLC
– although, for really hard to get items, you could buy them over DLC instead… that’s a “possibility”
– there could be rankings for minigames and various Tales stats like max combo, etc
– the opening theme singer is Japanese, but they’re keeping the same singer for the overseas version

· Bomberman

Developer: Hudson
Game: Bomberman
Console: Wii
Price: xxx

–Three game modes: Story mode with 5 stages and 39 areas, “Battle Mode” for WiFi play with up to eight players and “First Bomberman” (?) to learn the basics of the game.

· Street Fighter IV

Developer: Capcom
Game: Street Fighter IV
Console: Arcade
Price: xxx

El Fuerte, a new character, revealed.