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Byron report to favour PEGI?

That’s if Take-Two’s lawyer is to be believed.

Lawrence Abramson, a Managing Partner at lawyers Hartbottle & Lewis LLP who represent Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar, claims that “Tanya Byron is expected to recomend the regulation of games is taken out of the BBFC/VAC procedure altogether and that instead the role of PEGI be enhanced

If this really is the case, then I’m all for it, PEGI appear to have a different way of rating video games than the BBFC, who it seems rate a game based upon video examples forwarded to them direct from the developers, and indeed PEGI themselves were set up especially for the rating and classification of video games.

However, for this to work, the PEGI system will have to have to become a legal classification as currently the ages printed on game boxes are only a recommendation, and indeed everybody who enters a store that sells video games will need to be made aware of the changes to the system. Either way, as long as this report lessens to finger pointing that videogames receive from the likes of the Daily Mail the better.

Source: Spong