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Final Fantasy XI March 2008 Patch

The first patch following the debut of Wings of the Goddess expansion pack has arrived. It includes a vast number of adjustments to the various jobs/classes in the game, as well as brand new spells, quests, campaign additions and more.

Get the details at PlayOnline.com or read them below.


New areas have been added to past Vana’diel.

New quests are available for areas added in the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack.

The following new quests have been added for dancer and scholar jobs:
– Artifacts
Players can obtain job-specific attire (artifacts) as rewards for the completion of these quests.
– Limit Break (level 70 to 71)
The character’s level cap will be increased to 75 upon successful completion.
*All artifact quests for a particular job must be completed before the limit break quest becomes available.

The following changes have been made to Campaign Ops:
-The following siege weapons have been added to Campaign battles:
Siege Turret/Belfry/Mantelet
-System messages reporting the progress of battle in Campaign areas have been added.
-A chat filter has been implemented for Campaign system messages.
-Beastman Dominions are now accessible as Campaign battlefields.
-The strength of NPCs, troops, and monsters appearing in Campaign battles has been adjusted.
-New freelance characters have been added.
-New abilities have been added to freelance characters and unit leaders.
-Information such as military unit status can now be obtained by speaking with certain NPCs.
-The calculation of enmity for NPCs and monsters in Campaign battles is now the same as for player characters.
-The number of temporary items obtainable from Campaign Arbiters has been increased.
-New information can now be obtained from Campaign Ops officer NPCs.
-For Campaign Mission, “Stock and Awe II” the supply list has been amended, and difficulty level lowered. The supply list will remain unchanged for characters that have already undertaken the mission prior to this version update.

NPC spectators have been added to Chocobo Circuit.
These new NPCs can be observed purchasing chocobet tickets and rooting for their favorites.

The following changes have been made to fellows:
-HP and MP recovery for fellows will now take less time when the /heal command is used.
-Magic and other abilities you use on party members will now also benefit the fellow you summoned.
-Fellows’ equipment requirements have been changed.
-Fellows can now use a greater variety of equipment.
-The magic recast time for fellows has been decreased.
-Conditions for the usage of recovery magic for stalwart shield and soothing healer type fellows have been changed.
-Fellows will no longer use the white magic spell “silence” on monsters in the crab and beetle families.
-Certain fellow abilities have been strengthened.
-Fellows no longer use the following weapon skills:
Spinning Attack/Cyclone/Circle Blade/Shockwave/Spinning Scythe/Earth Crusher

It is now possible to summon the following monster families captured with fiendtrappers:

“Brygid the Stylist Returns” quest is now available for dancers and scholars.

Characters below level 20 are no longer able to mine for items in the following areas:
Newton Movalpolos/Mount Zhayolm/Halvung/Gusgen Mines/Ifrit’s Cauldron

Changes have been implemented for a number of quests.
-Level requirements have been added to the following quests. The required level varies depending on quest.
Gifts of the Griffon/Claws of the Griffon/The Firebloom Tree/Test My Mettle
– Players must now wait one Earth day as well as change areas before retrying the “The Firebloom Tree” and “Test My Mettle” quests.

New armor set storing NPCs have been added to the following areas:
Southern San d’Oria [S]/Bastok Markets [S]/Windurst Waters [S]


New Notorious Monsters have been added to the Wings of the Goddess areas.

The location of certain monsters has been changed in the following areas:
East Ronfaure [S]/Jugner Forest [S]/North Gustaberg [S]/Grauberg [S]/Fort Karugo-Narugo [S]/Meriphataud Mountains [S]

The names of the following monsters have been changed:
Vunkerl Inlet [S]
Gigas’s Smilodon → Gigas’s Tiger

Pashhow Marshlands [S]
Diamond Quadav → Vajra Quadav

A maximum limit has been placed on the total amount of bonus attack speed that can be gained from a combination of spells, abilities, and items.

The duration of immobility experienced by recipients of healing magic has been significantly reduced.
Previously, a player receiving a “Cure” spell from another character immediately after selecting the attack command would be frozen in place until the effect of the healing spell was complete.

The chance to resist damage from skill chains has been adjusted.

When receiving weapon-enhancing spell effects from other party members, the additional damage caused will depend on the caster’s enhancing magic skill. Magic accuracy for these spells has also been adjusted.

The process for calculating “Absorb” spell resists has been adjusted.

“Absorb” spells that previously did not take effect when resisted will now take effect in the case of partial resists below a certain percentage. However, partially resisted spells will have their durations reduced.
“Absorb” spells will still fail to take effect in the case of a complete resist.

The following spells have been introduced:
Recall-Jugner (WHM Lv.53)
Recall-Pashh (WHM Lv.53)
Recall-Meriph (WHM Lv.53)
Retrace (BLM Lv.55)
Absorb-ACC (DRK Lv.61)
Klimaform (SCH Lv.46)
Monomi: Ichi (NIN Lv.25) *Uses the ninja tool, “sanjaku-tenugui.”

The duration of the following abilities has been adjusted to 2 hours:
Light Arts
Dark Arts
Finishing Move

The new warrior job ability “Retaliation” has been introduced:
Allows you to counterattack but reduces movement speed.

The new thief job ability “Collaborator” has been introduced:
Steals 25% of the target party member’s enmity and redirects it to the thief.
*This ability shares a recast time with “Accomplice,” a thief ability introduced in the previous version update.

The following changes have been made to the beastmaster job:
– The recast time for the job ability “Reward” has been reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute 30 seconds.
*In accordance with this change, the Group 1 merit point ability “Reward Recast” has been reduced from 6 seconds to 3 seconds.
– New pet foods have been introduced:
Pet Roborant
Pet Poultice

The new samurai job ability “Sekkanoki” has been introduced:
Limits TP cost of next weapon skill to 100.

A wyvern’s attributes will now increase in correspondence to the amount of experience gained from the moment the wyvern is summoned.
*This increase will not be affected by experience gained from Campaign, Besieged, or items.
**A wyvern’s attributes will be reset to their original values when the wyvern is KO’d, dismissed, or changes areas.

The new summoner job ability “Elemental Siphon” has been introduced:
Elemental Siphon
Drains MP from your summoned spirit.
*Only effective on spirits summoned by the summoner.

Several new blue magic spells have been introduced. These new spells have also been added to the auto-translate feature.

The following changes have been made to the corsair job:
– The recast for the job ability “Quick Draw” has been changed to a “charge” system.
Each use of the “Quick Draw” ability consumes one charge, with charges being regained over time.
When using the “/recast” text command, it is necessary to nominate a specific shot, such as “/recast Fire Shot”. This command will display the amount of time remaining until a new charge will be generated, as well as the current number of charges available.

– New “Phantom Rolls” have been introduced:
Dancer’s Roll (COR Lv.61)
Scholar’s Roll (COR Lv.64)

Several new automaton weapon skills have been introduced.

The following changes have been made to the dancer job:
– The recast time for all Waltzes will now be reduced to 6 seconds while under the effect of the job ability “Trance.”
– The effect of attributes on Waltzes will now be calculated differently depending on whether dancer is set as the main job or as the support job.
– An accuracy bonus will now be applied to “Steps” when dancer is set as the main job.
– The durations of the job abilities “Haste Samba,” “Aspir Samba II,” and “Drain Samba III” have been increased.

The following changes have been made to the scholar job:
– The maximum number of charges for the job ability “Stratagems” has been adjusted.
Lv. 10: 1 charge
Lv. 30: 2 charges
Lv. 50: 3 charges
Lv. 70: 4 charges

– The time required to regain one charge now varies depending on the maximum number of possible charges.
Maximum charges: 1 → Time to regain 1 charge: 4 minutes
Maximum charges: 2 → Time to regain 1 charge: 2 minutes
Maximum charges: 3 → Time to regain 1 charge: 1 minute 20 seconds
Maximum charges: 4 → Time to regain 1 charge: 1 minute

– The following scholar job abilities have been introduced:
Sublimation (Lv.35)
Stores MP while reducing HP. The effect ends once the MP limit is reached, HP is too low, or you are attacked. Stored MP is gained when the ability is reactivated.
*Your character’s HP will slowly decrease while storing MP and you will be unable to enter healing mode or log out while this ability is in effect.

Addendum: White (Lv.10)
Allows access to additional White Magic spells while using Light Arts.

Addendum: Black (Lv.30)
Allows access to additional Black Magic spells while using Dark Arts.

– Scholars will now be able to cast additional white and black magic spells while using the new job abilities “Addendum: White” and “Addendum: Black”.
These additional spells will be added to a scholar’s magic lists after being acquired, but will only be selectable when under the effect of “Addendum: White” or “Addendum: Black”.

– Scholars have gained the job trait “Conserve MP.”

– Spells cast during the effect of the job abilities “Accession” or “Manifestation” will now only cost double the MP instead of triple.

– The casting time, recast time, and duration of the following spells have been adjusted:

– “Light Arts” will now also increase the enfeebling magic skill.

– Scholar job abilities now have unique status icons.

An issue wherein summoned spirits had incorrect attributes has been addressed.

An issue wherein the effect of a successful use of the “Provoke” ability during a Conflict match was not being properly displayed has been addressed.


New pieces of equipment have been added.

New synthesis recipes have been added.

A toolbag for carrying large quantities of sanjaku-tenugui has been added.

The “Emperor Band” has been added to the list of enchanted items that offer a bonus to experience points or limit points.
Along with existing items “Empress Band” and “Chariot Band,” the “Emperor Band” can be obtained by trading your individual conquest points. However, only one of the above three can be in your possession at any given time.

Help information has been changed for the following items:
I.R. Chainmail/I.R. Mufflers/I.R. Sollerets/I.R. Helm/I.R. Breeches/Raikiri.
*No changes have been made to item properties.

The following special items and furnishings can now be stored by speaking to specific NPCs:
Snowman Knight/Snowman Miner/Snowman Mage/Bonbori/Festival Doll/Dream Boots/Dream Boots +1/Dancer Attire/Scholar Attire

The fee structure for obtaining and altering mannequins has been reduced as follows:
-Price for your second mannequin and onwards: from 250,000 gil to 100,000 gil.
-Cost to change your mannequin to that of another race: from 10,000 gil to 2,000 gil.
-Cost to change your mannequin’s pose: from 1,000 gil to 200 gil.

The following Culinarians’ Guild-designated quest item has been changed:
Snoll Gelato > Irmik Helvasi/Balik Sis

The icon graphics for the following items have been changed:
Star Orb/Clotho Orb/Comet Orb/Lachesis Orb/Atropos Orb/Stone Arrowhd./Cactus Stems/Tree Cuttings/Tree Sapling/Cloudy Orb/Sky Orb/Themis Orb/Konron Hassen/Kongou Inaho/Meifu Goma/Airborne/Spirit Masque/Papillion/Sandfish/San d’Orian Tea/Royal Tea/Datechochin/Angelwing/M&P Dumpling/Carrot Broth/F. Carrot Broth/Bug Broth/Qdv. Bug Broth/Herbal Broth/S. Herbal Broth/Carrion Broth/C. Carrion Broth/Humus/Rich Humus/Meat Broth/W. Meat Broth/Tree Sap/Scarlet Sap/Fish Broth/Fish Oil Broth/Seedbed Soil/Alchemist Water/Sun Water/Grass. Broth/N. Grass. Broth/Mole Broth/L. Mole Broth/Blood Broth/C. Blood Broth/Antica Broth/F. Antica Broth/Antique Bullet/Balm Sachet/Mille. Sachet/Olibanum Sachet/Attar Sachet/Sweet Sachet/Civet Sachet/Musk Sachet

The new items Sol Cap and Lunar Cap, will now be offered as special gift items in the Adventurer Recruitment Program.
* Details regarding the terms and conditions to obtain special gift items can be found at the “Adventurer Recruitment Program” page.
Related Information>>

Magic effect explanations have been added to item help information for magic scrolls.


The conditions for battle music playback have been changed.
Battle music will now play when you either execute the attack command, or are within the vicinity of a party member currently engaged with an enemy. With this change, even those who play with long-range attack characters such as mages will be able to enjoy battle music in a similar fashion to close-combat characters.
Please note that there are scenarios to which this change does not apply (for example, monsters that anyone can attack).

The following data can now be backed up on PlayOnline’s servers.
-“Config” settings inside the main menu (excluding platform-specific settings such as “key assign”, and language-specific items).
-[Current tell target] history for “chat” inside the active command window.
-Macro and book data.
-Map marker data.
-Item display sorting data for the “bid” option in the auction menu.

[Storage Location]
It is now possible to store configuration data on PlayOnline’s servers, in addition to your game machine’s own hard disk drive. Up to four slots are available on your hard disk for this purpose, while one slot is available on the server. One slot stores one character’s worth of configuration data. Selecting a used slot will overwrite existing data.

[Saving Configuration]
Bring up the configuration file save screen by pressing the following buttons/keys at the character selection screen, and choose the slot in which you wish to save.

“PlayStation 2”: L1 button + L3 button
Xbox 360: LB + left stick button
Keyboard: [Shift] + [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [B]

[Loading Configuration]
Bring up the configuration file load screen by pressing the following buttons/keys at the character selection screen, and choose the slot from which you wish to load.

“PlayStation 2”: R1 button + R3 button
Xbox 360: RB + right stick button
Keyboard: [Shift] + [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [R]

[Deleting Configuration]
Bring up the configuration file deletion screen by pressing the following buttons/keys at the character selection screen. Confirm deletion to restore default settings for the currently selected character.

“PlayStation 2”: R1 button + L2 button + R3 button + L3 button
Xbox 360: R2 + L2 + right stick button + left stick button
Keyboard: [Shift] + [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [D]

The maximum number of screenshots that can be stored has been increased from 99 to 200.

A new text color has been introduced for the name of monsters currently engaged with alliance members.

A new text color has been introduced for the name of monsters that anyone can attack.

The following new emote commands have been added:

[Windows Version]

The color of the game screen when played in windowed mode has been adjusted.

[Known Issues]

There is currently an issue wherein the “Regen” effect and the corresponding help text is missing from the Sol Cap.

The help text for several magic scrolls is missing the level restriction for scholars. The correct level restrictions are as follows:

Reraise WHM Lv.33
SCH Lv.40 (Addendum: White)
Teaches the white magic Reraise.
Grants you the effect of Raise when you are KO’d.

Reraise II WHM Lv.60
SCH Lv.75 (Addendum: White)
Teaches the white magic Reraise.
Grants you the effect of Raise II when you are KO’d.

Sleep II BLM Lv.41 / RDM Lv.46 / DRK Lv.56
SCH Lv.65 (Addendum: Black)
Teaches the black magic Sleep II.
Puts an enemy to sleep.

The scholar level restriction for the following magic scroll is currently written as level 75. The correct level restriction is level 70.

Raise II WHM Lv.56
SCH Lv.70 (Addendum: White)
Teaches the white magic Raise II.
Revives target from KO.