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Third Black Mages Album Released

The Black Mages have released their third album, called Darkness and Starlight in Japan.

Published by Dog Ear Records, this long-awaited album will cost you around ¥2,000 and features a total of ten tracks. Nine of them are new versions of classic Final Fantasy songs, and one is a brand new original composition. Being one of many hardcore Final Fantasy fans, I can tell you that this is indeed something we’ve waited a very long time for – and knowing Uematsu’s past history, it’ll be well worth the wait.

For those not familiar with The Black Mages, it’s a Japanese instrumental rock band formed by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The band arranges Uematsu’s musical compositions (from the Final Fantasy series) in a rock style, often similar to progressive metal – with heavy use of synthesizers.

Track List

1. “Opening – Bombing Mission” [Final Fantasy VII]
2. “Neo EXDEATH” [Final Fantasy V]
3. “The Extreme” [Final Fantasy VIII]
4. “Assault of the Silver Dragons” [Final Fantasy IX]
5. “KURAYAMINOKUMO” [Final Fantasy III]
6. “Distant Worlds” [Final Fantasy XI]
7. “Premonition” [Final Fantasy VIII]
8. “Grand Cross” [Final Fantasy IX]
9. “Darkness and Starlight” [Final Fantasy VI]
10. “LIFE ~ in memory of KEITEN ~” [Original Composition]

You can pre-order this album from Amazon.