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BioWare states EA partnership is a good thing

In an interview with bit-tech.net, Matt Atwood of BioWare Corp. has stated that it was the right thing for the developer to join forces with giant video games publisher, Electronic Arts.

“It’s all about the way you do it, I think – but it’s a totally natural evolution. If you look at any other entertainment industry then you see that consolidation is totally natural.

Like with films; you have the low-budget indie films which are actually owned by these huge companies but actually operate as seperate entities and are very independant. That’s what EA is trying to do with studio-labels and it’s the right way to do it really – to have that suppport from a big company but without losing the personality of the studio. There are wrong ways to do it, but this is the right way”

We only hope you’re right about that one Matt. Hit the link for the full interview.