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Square Enix Launches Community Website

Square Enix has just launched a brand new community website for its fans. Designed specifically for American users in mind, the site aims to offer an experience on par with that of the Japanese community website.

If you choose to sign up, the company promises “exclusive content” such as downloadable content, interviews with developers, sweepstakes and trailers.

What do I need to become a member?

All you need is a web browser to view the website and an e-mail address that can receive e-mail messages. Anyone with these two things is free to join!

How much does it cost to join?

Membership is free of charge.

What can I do if I become a member?

You will gain access to plenty of members-only content, such as exclusive interviews and videos, downloads, newsletters, contests and more!

Can the site be accessed via mobile phones?

We currently do not offer the site for mobile phone users. Please note that you cannot sign up for the membership with a mobile phone e-mail address.