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MotorStorm 2 Gets Named

Sony’s Warwick Light (GM of Sales/marketing) has officially revealed the name of the next installment in the MotorStorm series –  MotorStorm 2: Pacifica.

A suitable name, considering the location of the sequel.

Last week while visiting Sony to record the last Game3 Dave sat down to have a chat with Warwick Light (GM of Sales/Marketing) to talk about the year ahead. From this interview we not only gained insight into what we can look forward to and the games that Sony are backing to be successful, we also learnt the name of the next installment of MotorStorm will be called MotorStorm: Pacifica

The island setting obviously playing part in the naming of the new game, as mentioned in Speakpulp #59 I am very excited as it is the fast paced sort of racing that I enjoy.

Girls in Hula skirts? Shark and Pirate infested waters? Corned Beef? I hope it has it all.

Source: Geekpulp