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PSN Gets Mature, New Store Details Inside

Byakuya avatar Byakuya / 2nd April 2008 /
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A couple of new details on the new PlayStation Store have surfaced the Web.

The store will apparently feature a more intuitive category system, and you’ll be able to sort the items on each page by date added, category, most downloads, and name.

There will also be interesting new types of downloadable content available. Hit the jump for the juicy stuff.

In addition to the above, a new Mature section will be added, allowing you to download M rated movies and other unknown content.

When attempting to access this section, you will be taken to the registration page. Here you must submit information to confirm and verify your real age.

A couple of days later (3-4) you’ll receive a PM from Sony, which includes an attachment. This attachment serves as an update to your system, and unlocks access to the adult/mature section of the PlayStation Store.

Well that’s interesting, no?

Via The BitBag