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Super Swing Golf On June 12th

Rising Star Games has confirmed that Super Swing Golf for the Nintendo Wii will be available on June 27th.

“Super Swing Golf is a party golf game for virtual golfers everywhere. Using the Wii Remote, the game allows player to take actual golf swings on 14 unique ‘18 hole’ fantasy golf courses.”

Press Release

Luton – April 11th 2008 – Rising Star Games is pleased to announce Super Swing Golf for Nintendo Wii and available from Friday, June 27th 2008.

About Super Swing Golf:
Super Swing Golf is the party golf game for virtual golfers everywhere. Using the Wii Remote, Super Swing Golf allows players to take actual golf swings on 14 unique “18 hole” fantasy golf courses. There is a multiplayer Party mode featuring games like “Darts” and “Longest Drive” designed specifically to get players together for a fun, competitive golf game in the living room. The courses include a wide array of themes and challenges with environments as diverse as a tropical island, a scorching desert and even on ice! You can accessorise and equip your character with different outfits, clubs, and balls. You can also play and earn Pang Points to spend on better items. The more you advance in the game, the more items become available!

Key Features:
· Choose from eight wacky characters each with varying skills with woods and irons
· Play in multiplayer tournaments with up to four players or choose multiplayer mini games
· Single Player Tour mode sees players compete against computer controlled rivals in matches across Pangya Island
· Play rounds on colourful fantasy courses customising the look of golfers as you go
· Successful play allows for the unlocking of new club sets, costumes, items and characters.
· Eight playable characters, various selectable caddies, an abundance of collectable costumes and equipment
· All controls are via the Wii’s remote
· Training mode included
· On-screen information describes the ground attributes, the ball’s trajectory and point of impact