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Echochrome European Release Date Confirmed

According to Pocketgamer, Sony’s official UK Playstation website has confirmed that Echochrome, their upcoming abstract-styled puzzle game, will be released in Europe sometime in May for the PSP and PS3.

Source – Playstation UK via Pocketgamer.co.uk

Want to take your mind for a totally unique spin? Here’s a game that will have the words “one more go” echoing over and over in your head…

Somewhere, a man walks for eternity, with only his echo for company. Where the ground beneath his feet changes as quickly as his reality – a reality you shape with a mere twist of your fingers…

Welcome to echochrome… a world where imagination is everything.

In echochrome you guide the mysterious wandering mannequin through a brain-teasing array of 3D mazes full of hazards and perils. Overcoming these difficulties is the key to echochrome’s innovative and imaginative gameplay, where altering the viewpoint and perspective of each maze can turn a problem into a solution. Sudden drops can become hidden from sight behind a wall, allowing the mannequin to walk across without falling, and dead ends can be changed to seem as if they join – so they will.