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deviantART and Square Enix Art Contest Extended

This is actually some week old news that was updated and I happened to find about it today. Square Enix and deviantART are holding a contest based on concept art from Square’s The World Ends With You. The deadline has been moved to April 22nd.

“Square Enix has generously provided deviantART the exclusive rights to distribute Concept Art Boards demonstrating the creative process used in their new game for the Nintendo DS “The World Ends with You”. Haven’t you always wondered, “How did they come up with that?!” These boards can hopefully answer that question.

The Concept Art Boards are unique in that they were created specifically for challenging YOU to create your own backgrounds, dream up new heroes or villains using your awesome skills as a traditional or digital artist to showcase the creative talent that lives here on deviantART!”

You can submit either background art, character and enemy art, and non-human art. The top ten contestants will win a copy of The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS. The grand prize winner will receive a critique from the development team of The World Ends With You. At first glance, that sounds somewhat underwhelming. But if you think about, this is Square Enix we are talking about; this is the team that created Kingdom Hearts. You could win a chance to have Square Enix tell you how bad you drawing skills are!

The bad news is you have to live in North America to be eligible. If you are not, you can still enter and win, but you only receive a cash equivalent of your prize. I would assume the grand prize is still fair game since no licensing issues exist for an individual critique.

Visit the official contest page for all of the necessary details.

Source: Square Enix + deviantart = contest!