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Famitsu: Siren – New Translation Announced

Sony announced a new PS3 exclusive title in today’s Famitsu issue, called Siren – New Translation. The game is 90% done and is a remake of the first one.

The game is scheduled for release in Japan on July 24, 2008 while a demo will be released soon, on April 24.

From today’s Famitsu issue. two scans so far.

– Game is a PS3 exclusive.
– 90% done.
– Price undetermined.
– July 24 release date in Japan.
– April 24 demo will be released.
– total of 12 episodes.
– Remake of the first.
– lots and lots of dead people ;o

Official website incoming: http://www.jp.playstation.com/scej/title/nt/
— thanks Orobi

Source: NeoGAF