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Xbox 360 Surpasses 19 Million

Yesterday we posted that the Nintendo Wii is close to having sold 25 million units worldwide. Now, it’s the Xbox 360’s turn to impress.

According to a recent article by Eurogamer.net, the popular Microsoft console has finally hit the 19 million mark on a global scale.

This information came as a part of the Microsoft Q1 financial reports yesterday, which also revealed that the Xbox divison has increased sales by 68% for the past three months.

The platform holder attributed this to demand for Xbox 360 consoles, and pointed to removing component shortages and delays in product delivery as a goal for the future.

Despite strong Entertainment sales, its Windows software dipped 24 per cent and earnings from online advertising came in at the low end of projections.

Observers also note that the Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo for USD 44.6 billion has had a negative affect on share prices.