Nintendo Switch
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Is Coming To Switch

I hope you aren’t tired of Monster Hunter games yet, because there’s another one coming out soon.

Capcom today announced that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it’ll be available on August 28th. This is an enhanced port of the original 3DS game from 2015.

Aside from improved graphics, this version features a new quest level called “G-Rank” for added challenge, plus new Hunter Arts and Styles. You will also be able to transfer your save data from 3DS to Switch, which is a welcome addition.

Check out the trailer and a feature list below.


  • Colossal roster – Take on the series’ largest roster of monsters to date including all-new monsters, Deviant variants, and the mysterious new Elder Dragon Valstrax.
  • Co-op multiplayer – Join up and hunt online with up to three other hunters, or meet-up and play together via local play.
  • Play anywhere! – With Nintendo Switch, for the first time gamers have the flexibility to either play online with friends on a TV in tabletop mode or play on-the-go in handheld mode.
  • New level of challenge – Alongside the previously featured low rank and high rank level quests from Generations, a challenging quest level called “G” rank is introduced to test experienced hunters’ battle tactics. Even more formidable versions of familiar foes enter the fields with different moves and abilities never before seen in the wild.
  • Highly customizable gameplay – Expanding on the four Styles and supermoves called Hunter Arts introduced in Generations, new indispensable Hunter Arts as well as two Styles are introduced for even further refined personalization options.
  • Brave Style – Land a series of attacks to build up a meter that will open up new evasive maneuvers and powerful weapon combos.
  • Alchemy Style – Support teammates by creating useful field items on the fly during combat.
  • Deep loot crafting – Fell massive beasts to obtain resources for crafting countless weapons and armor including all-new gear fashioned after the game’s colossal creatures.

Sources: Nintendo