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Vayne Solidor & Locke Cole Join Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

Everybody’s favourite Final Fantasy villain Vayne Solidor (FFXII) is coming to Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, and he’s bringing Lock Cole from FFVI with him. OK, technically Vayne joined a few weeks ago, but this website was on hiatus so now we’re playing catch-up. Plus, I really wanted to share the remixed version of Struggle for Freedom with you. It might not be as good as the original, but it definitely gets me pumped for action.

Check out the reveal trailers below and learn more about Vayne and Cole’s abilities.

Vayne Solidor (FFXII)

Class: Vanguard
Affiliation:Warriors of Spiritus

With a dizzying number of combo enders, Vayne has an answer to any situation. His EX skill Writ of Conquest provides his party with an array of buffs, helping secure dominion over their opponents. As Consul to the Archadian Emperor, Vayne will stop at nothing to see all who stand before him bend the knee. In the name of House Solidor, no sacrifice is too great.

Locke Cole (FFVI)

Class: Assassin
Affiliation: Warriors of Materia

This treasure hunter utilizes his stealth to surprise and steal from his enemies. Locke can also mug unaware foes, snatching spoils that he can employ to perform powerful attacks. In his homeworld, he rebels with other Returners against the Gestahlian Empire, all the while searching for a legendary treasure rumored to bring the dead back to life. When Locke attacks foes not locked on to him, he deals extra damage and his skill Steal becomes Mug. Steal gives him an item—usually one that recovers HP or bravery— to use at will. Mug instead nets him a piece of equipment that can be used to unleash a powerful attack.