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Sunday Tunes I: Ghibli, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Uematsu & Liquid Bass

Welcome to Sunday Tunes, a weekly feature where we share some good tunes. This week we’re focusing on Japanese legends such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi and Nobuo Uematsu. Plus, a recent obsession of mine: liquid drum & bass music.

Nobuo Uematsu

In my mind there is no video game composer more prominent than Nobuo Uematsu. Not only did I grow up with his music, I think he’s probably the reason I started listening to music in the first place. I even own a custom Nobuo Mug! My three picks for Uematsu are all Final Fantasy tracks, of course, specifically from FFVII: Advent Children, FFVIII and FFIX. 

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto is an award-winning Japanese musician, singer, composer, record producer, activist, writer, actor and dancer. He is considered one of the most influential modern Japanese composers and has written music for films, anime and video games. Check out my three picks for Sakamoto below.

Joe Hisaishi & Ghibli

Joe Hisaishi is perhaps best known for his work on Studio Ghibli’s animated films. I don’t think he needs any introduction around here, to be honest. Listen to my three picks for Hisaishi below.

Bonus: Liquid Drum & Bass

This is a genre I discovered fairly recently and fell in love with almost immediately. Highly recommended if you just want to relax and let your mind drift away.

Liquid funk, liquid drum & bass, liquid DnB, liquid or sometimes just melodic drum & bass is a subgenre of drum and bass. While it uses similar basslines and bar layouts to other styles, it contains fewer bar-oriented samples and more instrumental layers (both synthesized and natural), harmonies, melodies and ambiance, producing a sentimental atmosphere directed at home listeners as well as nightclub and rave audiences. Music genres such as jazz, soul and sometimes blues have a pivotal influence on liquid funk.

And that’s all for this week. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any recommendations or questions.


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