PC/ PlayStation 4/ Xbox One
Arch-Tempered Kirin Has Come To Monster Hunter World

new free update is now available in Monster Hunter: World. It features a highly volatile and definitely lethal Arch-Tempered version of Kirin, plus complementary bombs in your mail box! More information below.

Arch-Tempered Kirin

Quest: A Whisper of White Mane (9★)
Location: Coral Highlands
Objective: Slay Arch-Tempered Kirin
Requirement: Hunter Rank 50 or greater
Available: Until June 15th

Arch-Tempered Kirin not only hits harder than its lesser versions, it also has more health and features new lightning attack patterns that hit previously safe zones. In other words, this thunder pony is no joke.

Killing Arch-Tempered Kirin will let you craft the fabulous new Kirin γ armor, as seen below.

Free bombs in the mail!

Additonally, Hunters can now login to receive a bonus gift containing the following items:

  • Barrel Bomb (x30)
  • Mega Bounce Bomb (x30)
  • Mega Barrel Bomb (x15)
  • Blossom Firework (x20)
  • Gold Wyvern Print (x1)

This bonus is only available until June 15th so make sure you claim it in time.