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Overclocking Your PlayStation Vita Is Now Possible

You can now overclock your PlayStation Vita and enjoy improved performance in games, Wololo reports. LOLIcon is a new plugin by developers dots-tb and CelesteBlue that allows Vita owners to go beyond the handheld’s default CPU frequency of 333MHz. While Games like Project Diva F already increase the frequency to 444MHz, LOLIcon manages go go even further – reaching a CPU frequency of 500MHz.

Unlike plugins like OclockVita and PSV VSH Menu, LOLIcon overclocks the PSVita’s CPU to 500MHz (or 494MHz according to Yifan Lu) which isn’t an officially supported frequency. On a more technical note, this true overclock was achieved by messing around with the direct registers which control the ARM CPU’s clock speeds.

Head over to Wololo for the full story, and download the plugin at GitHub.