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Dragon Quest XI S Confirmed For Nintendo Switch – Future Localizations Possible

Tokyo Game Show 2018 was held in Japan last weekend, and Square Enix had some interesting news to share with Switch owners. The company announced that their acclaimed RPG Dragon Quest XI is coming to Nintendo’s portable console. The Switch version will be titled Dragon Quest XI S and is based on the PS4 and PC version of the game, rather than the 3DS release.

According to series creator Yuji Horiithe ‘S’ in the title has four different meanings: ‘Switch’ (referring to the console), ‘Special’, ‘Shaberu’ (meaning ‘to speak’) and Seiyuu (meaning ‘voice actor’). While no release date was announced at the event, Horii stated that the Switch version will need some more time in the oven before it’s ready.

Additionally, Dragon Quest XI producer Hokuto Okamoto recently told IGN that the game needs to sell well in the West if more Dragon Quest localizations are to be made in the future. The company has yet to reveal any Western sales data for the title, but in Japan the PS4 and 3DS versions combined sold 2 million in only two days.

Source: RPGFan, IGN