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Hello! If you’re reading this page you’re probably wondering what this website is all about, and well, it’s not going to shock you.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, this is a video game website. Our primary focus is Japanese games, but we do cover western releases as well. You’ll find lots of articles on role-playing games, video game music and general industry news. We also write about hardware releases, online gaming, homebrew, concept art and more.

Aside from that, we’ve archived more than 500 articles from Akayuki.net – our previous gaming blog. You can find it here. Akayuki was a short-lived website run by @Zhaan and a few friends in the late 2000s, and it offers a variety of poorly worded video game news written by sleep deprived teenagers. It’s not the most spectacular content in the world, but you might find some nostalgia in reading it.

Lastly, we offer video game screenshots and trailers on our Media page. And feel free to check out our ‘Sunday Tunes‘ feature if you’re into VGM.

As a side note, ManaJournal.com is not currently being updated and hasn’t been active since 2018. However, the website itself will remain accessible for the foreseeable future and we have no plans to change that.

If you’re interested in our message boards, you can access them here. They’re currently read-only so you cannot post replies or new topics. Since we mainly use Discord for chatting these days, we probably won’t . You can find the invite link for our server below this text.

That’s all! Feel free to contact us on Twitter (@manajournal) or use one of the links below.

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All Akayuki-related content has been approved by the former webmaster of Akayuki and FFWorldwide. While we do own the akayuki.net domain (which re-directs to this website), we are not associated with the current owners of the .com variant. Learn more about the archive here.
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