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So, saw it today in Imax.


Clark Kent/Superman – Henry Cavill

Lois Lane – Amy Adams

Ma Kent – Diane Lane

Pa Kent – Kevin Costner

Jor-El – Russell Crowe

General Zod – Michael Shannon

Perry White – Lawrence Fishburne

Great cast, but another Superman movie? Really? Didn’t we just reboot this movie a few years ago? *sigh* I can’t believe they are doing this again…. were my thoughts before I saw the movie.

And yes, they really do reboot Superman yet again. We all know his origin story right? He’s the last son of Krypton, sent away in a spaceship to Earth by his parents as his birth planet was dying. He’s found by Jonathan and Martha Kent in a Kansas cornfield and raised by them to be a nice young man as American as apple pie and learns, somehow, to cope with his superpowers and saves the Earth from supervillains.

And yes, they really do show all this AGAIN. And yet, they did so in an interesting fashion. The movie opens in Krypton. There is more politics than before and we learn that Jor-El and his wife Lara aren’t just scientists, they are rebels too. In this version, Superman really is the last son of Krypton. All other kryptonians were born artificially, and have been for centuries, but his parents rebelled against this system and had a natural born child.

Jor-El’s old friend, General Zod, was a different kind of rebel, but even he was shocked at Jor-El’s heresy against the Kryptonian way of life. Zod’s rebellion was crushed and he and his henchmen were banished to the Phantom Zone. But Krypton’s destruction freed him from the Zone and he searched for Jor-El’s son to find a way to build a new Krypton.


Zod’s search takes him to Earth, where he finds Kal-El (Clark) and, with the help of the US military, takes him into custody. Everyone eventually figures out, quite soon, that this is a BAD idea.

The story is taken straight from another Superman story that was made years ago. But modernized it and added some new twists.

The special effects are wonderful, the action scenes are what they should be (two super powered beings fighting each other) and impressively destructive to human built buildings. There is quite a bit of violence and some bad language but nothing you shouldn’t expect for an action film.

Some of the scene transitions are jarring, and I think they used too many instagram filters for the flash back scenes. Physics were thrown completely out the window several times as well. And I think that while Henry Cavill is a fine actor and a decent Superman (though really hairy, his chest and arm hair are poking out from the top of his Superman suit and the arms), this didn’t really showcase his acting ability very well, though it showed off his physique really nicely. Even though he’s the main, titular, character, he really didn’t have that much to do other than look good on screen most of the time and do his action scenes. If they continue this movies series, I hope he’ll have more acting to do and really get to put his own stamp on Clark/Superman. He really just filled the suit this time.

I missed hearing the usual Superman Theme by John Williams, but this was apparently a conscious decision to completely separate this movie from the previous Superman movies. I did like the various little visual jokes and references scattered throughout the movie. The cinematography was excellent. There were many beautifully composed shots and scenes, though a few of there were pretty heavy handed on the symbolism they were trying to convey.

All in all, a very decent movie. I’m glad I saw it. It could have been better (they really needed some bullet time scenes in some of the fight sequences and they REALLY needed some better transitions between some scene changes and they could have filled in a few minor plot holes), but it was worth seeing.

3/4 stars

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