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Looks like they’re doing information specials every week during the break. This is the first translation:


So a quick recap of interesting things:

On page 3 it seems to be suggesting that the Schrift of each Sternritter is given based on their powers, which suggests the idea of it representing a hierarchy is wrong.
As has been pointed out, Quilge is confirmed to be a Sternritter.
It also says the Quincies who survived 200 years ago developed the technology Wandenreich uses – I don’t think it says whether or not the Wandenreich are these “survivors”.
The Wandenreich have Reiatsu comparable to the Gotei 13.
“Wandenreich” is the official spelling of Vandenreich.

So nothing awfully new, but it’s good to have confirmation of a few things in this form.


根据各自的能力而来 被赐予“聖文字”的灭卻師一団
The “Sacred Letters” of the Quincy are given to them based on their abilities.

侵略尸魂界 討伐元柳齋以及眾多死神的灭卻師精锐所组成的一团 – 星十字骑士団
The Soul Society invasion, the Quincy who crusaded against Yamamoto and numerous Shinigami were composed of an elite group; the Star Knights.

The Gotei Thirteen who have enough Captain Ranks…

匹敵之力的他们之中 “聖文字” 已知晓的骑士团员将在此介绍
They who are equal in power, the “Sacred Letters” of the Knights that we are already familiar with, will be included in this presentation.

友哈巴赫賜予骑士団員的”聖文字” 其記號縁由是夾自骑士団員的能力
Yhwach bestows the members of the Knights with “Sacred Characters”. The markings are the ability of these Knights.

Page One

The strike back of clan that should be dead – Quincy.
The quincies that once swept away by shinigami launch a sudden strike soul society with the name of Wandereich.
This story begins back to a thousand years ago, when Yamamoto failed to eliminate the leader of Wandereich, Juhabach, and also shinigami’s will to eliminate quincy by war.
After a long time, the final bloodline war between these two forces
Begin, Now.

Page Two – Left Side

The Attack of Wandereich after a long long time!
Wandereich expanded through the conquer of Hueco Muendo!
Before launching the attack on soul society, Wandereich invaded Hueco Muendo. They successfully capture Hallibell, which once Gotei 13 has problem fighting her, and imprisoned her at their base, [Ice Palace]

Sternritter arrived with order to eliminate!
Countless of green fire pillar suddenly appeared inside the barrier that surrounding Seiretei. Juhabach and the Sternritters arrived in from there, pushing Shinigami into the deep abyss of fear.

Shinigami attempt to release bankai in order to fight against the quincies, and due to lack of information and undersestimating the opponent, the Sternritters successfully stolen their bankai.

Reiatsu of 1245 team members, 56 seated officers and 1 vice captain vanished! And the numbers and increasing in matters of seconds.
Unable to even fight back, Kiba falls. Seiretei falls into a miserable status.
Even the dangerous Kenpachi, and also one of the strongest captain in Gotei 13, Byakuya, was also defeated by the Sternritters.
Juhabach stolen Yamamoto’s bankai, and with just one slash, draws the ending of a thousand years.

Page Three

Each Quincy has their own designation bestowed based on their abilities?!
The crusade of elite quincy that infiltrates soul society, eliminating Yamamoto and many more shinigami – Sternritters.
They possess same level of abilities and strength compared to the Gotei 13, below is all the sternritters with their known designation.

Bottom White & Black Box

Even though all known sternritters has already been introduced, the real appearance, abilities, as well as ranking remains a mystery. When those information is being known, soul society will be enveloped with fear again..
The arc that reveals all the mystery [Thousand Year Bloodline War – Separation] will resume on issue 41! Next week will be doing a special issue of Gotei 13 and the Zero Squad!

Page Two – Right Side

Eliminated over 200 years ago, the clan that extinguish hollow completely – Quincy
A tragic background arised from eliminating hollows.

Possess very high reiatsu and the ability to eliminate hollows – Quincy. Quincy and Shinigami both has the same common objective, to eliminate hollow. However, Quincy’s method of complete elimination of hollow conflicts with shinigami’s objective to create and maintain the balance between the real world and soul society. Thus, at around 200 years ago, shinigami decided to eliminate the Quincy.

200 years of unremitting studies gave quincy an evolution beyond imagination!

Supposedly destroyed by the shinigami, there are still a few numbers of Quincy left, like Uryuu. However, those who survived successfully obtained new abilities that even the shinigami has not seen before after 200 years of study and training.

Unseen Quincy Abilities

Quincy Final Form (Letzt Stil)
Letzt Stil allows Quincy the ability to absorb reishi beyond their normal limit, with the limitation of losing all Quincy’s power shortly after. Its an ability that is lost since 200 years ago.

Quincy Ultimate Form (Volstandig)
This form has different appearance and power level than Quincy Final Form. Their power difference is worlds apart.

Star Medallion
Upon the usage of the round Medallion that has Quincy’s insignia on, Quincy can stole shinigami’s bankai.

Blut Vene
Quincy can strengthen both their offence and defence tremendously through injecting reishi into their blood vessel. However, both offense and defence boost cannot be activated simultaneously. Blut Vene can even block swords attack. Upon activation, user’s skin will have lines that is similar to electric circuit.

Increase the ability to gather reishi to the max. The round disc on the head will cluster up all the reishi and absorb it regardless the source is a matter or human.

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