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  • Zhaan avatarZhaan

    ITT we discuss and give pointless scores to movies we’ve seen lately. I’ll start.

    Thor Ragnarok

    This was very different from the other Thor movies, but in a good way. I liked the whole 80s/retro theme but imo there was a bit too much humor. Hela looked cool but was kind of meh. Didn’t give a flying fuck about her henchman.


    Bladerunner 2049

    I enjoyed this movie almost as much as the original BR, but boy was it long. They nailed just about everything from the sound to the aesthetic and I liked the characters. Water fight scene was rad.


    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Mixed feelings. I definitely enjoyed it, but they sure went in a different direction this time. Lots of unexpected things happened and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Episode IX should be interesting.


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    Momo avatarMomo

    Watched Deadpool 2 last week was great and I genuinely believe it to be a top 3 cape movie, went to hospital on the day I was supposed to watch Solo.

    Zhaan avatarZhaan


    Meh. Generic movie with a boring plot and characters I didn’t care about. Ehrenreich is charismatic enough as an actor, but he didn’t sell me on young Han Solo. Lando felt like a half-assed imitation. Oh and that robot.. yikes. 5/10

    Infinity War

    This movie was a blast. Probably my new favourite Marvel movie. 9/10

    Ready Player One

    Lame ass nerd wank movie. I couldn’t even finish it. 4/10

    The Quiet Place

    Great ideas, decent execution. I feel like the sound concept was a bit inconsistent but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Abrupt ending though.. hate that. 7/10

    Get Out

    I felt really anxious watching this lol. Great tension and build up, fantastic actors. Ending was super satisfying too. 8/10

    Deadpool 2

    Way better than the first one, imo. Funny as hell. Bonus points for the acoustic version of Take On Me. 8/10

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Wow, this was bad. I loved the first one but this was almost unwatchable. Terrible humor, boring story and poor action scenes. Even the CGI looked worse. Wasted potential. 3/10

    Justice League

    I stopped watching this unfortunate mess 30 minutes in. Bring on the reboot. lol/10

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    Marge avatarMarge

    RPO was indeed a shallow film :/

    Zhaan avatarZhaan

    Another Earth

    On a whim I decided to watch this low budget indie film from 2011 about a second Earth appearing in the sky, and I loved it. It has good characters and a super interesting premise which I feel they could have focused more on. But it was enjoyable overall. Loved the lead actress.


    Brandy avatarBrandy

    For the first time ever I watched:

    The Big Lebowski: 7/10 – Good. Super weird. Entertaining & different but not my favorite movie ever.

    Fargo: 9/10 – Yesssssssss. I loved this. I’ve watched all three seasons of the Fargo series but had never seen the movie before and it was a lot of fun finding all the little details that they’ve put into the show. Loved the music, cinematography, characters….basically it made me want to re-watch the show. The pacing and dialogue is just really interesting. Love everything about it.



    Zhaan avatarZhaan

    I haven’t seen any version of Fargo :surprised

    Birdbox – 7/10

    Like others have said this film felt and looked very similar to A Quiet Place, but with some key differences. In A Quiet Place the characters can’t produce sound because it attracts the big monsters, but the beings in Birdbox cause you to go mad (and commit suicide) if you look at them. So they have to wear blindfolds whenever they go outside. You can’t even look at security footage lol.

    The premise was interesting but: they never actually showed us the monsters (aside from a madman’s Lovecraftian drawings) nor did they explain what they were. I guess they’re simply beings from another dimension that humans cannot grasp or comprehend, causing them to go mad. Interestingly, people who were already insane prior to their arrival were not affected in the same way.

    The cast was terrific, Bullock included. I just wish we saw more of Sarah Paulson. Also, they totally should have listened to the old man.


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    Brandy avatarBrandy

    Watch it all right now :tachi

    Zhaan avatarZhaan

    Meh, I need something else right now.. but I’m not sure what.  :ugh

    Kikyo avatarKikyo



    Zhaan avatarZhaan

    Need a break from super heroes  :cute

    Brandy avatarBrandy

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch – 8/10 – cool plot (although not my favorite black mirror plot ever); the interactive piece of it was super fun and very stressful.

    Zhaan avatarZhaan

    It was basically a well directed FMV game. The only ending I liked was the mirror/train one. Maybe I’ll watch the other Black Mirror stuff now..

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