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    ITT we discuss and give pointless scores to movies we’ve seen lately. I’ll start.

    Thor Ragnarok

    This was very different from the other Thor movies, but in a good way. I liked the whole 80s/retro theme but imo there was a bit too much humor. Hela looked cool but was kind of meh. Didn’t give a flying fuck about her henchman.


    Bladerunner 2049

    I enjoyed this movie almost as much as the original BR, but boy was it long. They nailed just about everything from the sound to the aesthetic and I liked the characters. Water fight scene was rad.


    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Mixed feelings. I definitely enjoyed it, but they sure went in a different direction this time. Lots of unexpected things happened and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Episode IX should be interesting.


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    Watched Deadpool 2 last week was great and I genuinely believe it to be a top 3 cape movie, went to hospital on the day I was supposed to watch Solo.

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    Meh. Generic movie with a boring plot and characters I didn’t care about. Ehrenreich is charismatic enough as an actor, but he didn’t sell me on young Han Solo. Lando felt like a half-assed imitation. Oh and that robot.. yikes. 5/10

    Infinity War

    This movie was a blast. Probably my new favourite Marvel movie. 9/10

    Ready Player One

    Boring nerd wank movie. I couldn’t even finish it. 4/10

    The Quiet Place

    Great ideas, decent execution. I feel like the sound concept was a bit inconsistent but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Abrupt ending though.. hate that. 7/10

    Get Out

    I felt really anxious watching this lol. Great tension and build up, fantastic actors. Ending was super satisfying too. 8/10

    Deadpool 2

    Way better than the first one, imo. Funny as hell. Bonus points for the acoustic version of Take On Me. 8/10

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Wow, this was bad. I loved the first one but this was almost unwatchable. Terrible humor, boring story and poor action scenes. Even the CGI looked worse. Wasted potential. 3/10

    Justice League

    I stopped watching this unfortunate mess 30 minutes in. Bring on the reboot. lol/10

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    RPO was indeed a shallow film :/

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