Post your favourite main/title themes
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    Official or not, post the song(s) you consider to be the “main theme” of a game. 

    I have too many to list, so these will have to do:

    Final Fantasy VII – Main Theme 

    Legend of Mana – Title Theme

    Final Fantasy XII – Main Theme 

    Shadow Hearts – Icaro (Song of Spirits)

    Lost Odyssey – Main Theme

    Persona 4 – Menu Theme

    Persona 3 – Menu Theme

    Civilization IV – Baba Yetu

    Zelda: The Twilight Princess – Symphonic Movement (Medley)

    World Of Warcraft : Wrath Of the Lich King Main Theme

    Warlords Of Draenor – Siege Of Worlds

    Grandia – Theme of Grandia

    Dark Souls – Menu Theme

    Xenosaga II – The Image Theme of Xenosaga II

    Folklore – To the Unknown World

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII – Dreams and Pride

    The Last Remnant – The First Awakening

    Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved

    The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Main Theme

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Icarus

    Windu Waika – The Great Sea

    Bastion – In Case of Trouble

    Ragnarok Online II – Intro Theme

    Final Fantasy – Main Theme (series)

    This is the same as the XII one, but I like both a lot.

    Marge avatarMarge

    I do like this one 

    Zhaan avatarZhaan
    @Momo will post Snatcher music. I can feel it coming.


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