Your worst nightmare
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    Ok, yet another insightful thread from your favorite bastard. 
    This time around we are going deep… into your dreams and if you dear… post the contents here. 

    Here goes mine: 
    I have been having this one much recently, i keep dreaming this scenario: 

    Im somewhere lost in time and space, everything ambient is white like the floor and background and shit. 
    People i know from the past,class mates,work colleges,inmates and family are standing around me and looks at me with judgmental eyes filled whit fury and hatred. 
    They all cary a stone, unnaturally big for their hands and shit… 
    Myself, lies helpless and paralyzed on the ground, anxious about what’s to come. 
    Then the shit hits the fan… 
    First the first(obviously) person(which shall remain nameless) approaches me and casts the stone, i close my eye’s,feel the stone hit. 
    I should have died, but i don’t but i still feel the pain. 
    The next person approaches and cast the stone, same thing happens i don’t die but anxiety is rising and the pain is indescribable usually wake up sweating after this dream). 
    This continues forever… 

    Now, i do wonder is this a future vision(hell maybe?) or is this my subconsciousness trying to tell me something? 

    God knows, jesus save me! 

    There thats mine, i would love to hear about anyone else’s worst dreams.

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    too much Passion of the Christ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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